Are you looking for unusual gift?

Czech Jet Team can your longing come true fast and easily!

In the case of your interest in acquainting flight by L-39C please contact us and your dream
to fly as the civil person in army turbojet airplane
will come true.


After your arrival on the airport, you acquaint with the airplane L-39C "Albatros" OK-JET. During the preflight check you go through ejection training for the case of forced airplane escape. Pilot or airplane engineer acquaints you with a cockpit and its units. Then self flight with a proffessional pilot is waiting just for you. The run of the flight depends on your own physical condition that you negotiate with a pilot ...


Orders for flights should be sent one week before planned flight at the latest.


Flights are available during all the year.


Preflight check and the flight itself last one day. Min. flight time is 15 min. and more is depending on you.

Participants number

You are the only passenger on the airplane L-39C which is piloted by the professional pilot. Your flight is ensured by other land staff.


The cabin is air-conditioned. You obtain the complete outfit for a flight.

Physical supposals

Min. age of 18 years.


Personal videos and making photographs are permitted. Czech Jet Team can provide proffessional video of your flight (departure, landing, flight shots - the cabin included). There are three cameras installed in the airplane. The one takes pictures of the lower part of fuselage with a view on the landing gear. The other ones are installed in a cockpit with a view on you as a passenger and with a view from the pilot position.